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    Chicken or Lamb Tikka Massala£7.25
    Murgi Massala£8.95
    Chicken, minced meat and hard boiled egg,served with salad & pilau rice
    Razala(Chicken or Lamb)£7.75
    Cooked with yogurt, fresh coriander & traditional harbs and spices finished with whole fried red chillies
    Butter Chicken£7.95
    Chicken or Lamb Jalfrezi£7.25
    Cooked with mixed papers,tomatoes,green chillies,spring onions and special jalfrezi hot sauce
    Paneer Karahi£6.25
    Mushroom Piaza£7.25
    Chicken or lamb cooked with mushroom,tomatoes and chopped onions
    Chicken or Lamb karahi£7.25
    Chicken or lamb cooked with onion,black papper,fresh coriander and other harbs spices
    Chicken or Lamb Pasanda£7.95
    Cooked with fresh cream mixed ground pistachio nut and mild spices
    Chicken or Lamb Balti£8.50
    Served with nan bread