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    Aniseed Special Niramishi£6.75
    Mixed vegetables cooked with mustard seeds and cottage cheeese in a mild sauce
    Chicken Shazani£8.25
    Deep-fried onion,garlic & mango,blended with butter & cream,cooked with marinated chickne
    Rangani (Lamb or Chickne)£8.25
    Cooked with organic honey, fresh ginger and served with a rich spicy sauce
    Lamb Chakundari£8.95
    Tender pieces of lamb coocked wiht beetroot, cloves and ginger
    Green Herbs (Chicken or Lamb)£8.95
    Well spiced meat coocked in thick gravy garnished with spring onion & coriender
    Panch Phoorani£8.95
    Shahi chicken cooked in a slightly hot Bangali style sauce,the predominant flavour is of five pickling spices.
    Tangshi Murge £8.25
    Chicken cooked in a tangy massala with a tamarind sauce,amm chutney & bay leaves
    Tikka Stir Fried£8.25
    Chicken baked with mixed peppers,red onion and vegetables,then toasted with cheese
    Murgh Samba£8.25
    Stips of chicken cooked with broccoli,coli and courgette in an exotic blend of spices
    Mogule Khana£9.95
    Bite-sized marinated chicken grilled mixed pepper,red onion and paneer cooked with minced meat in the chef's special cheese sauce,served with pilau rice
    Kashmiri Salmon£9.95
    Marinated in aromatic cumin,mustard and yoghurt sauce then baked in a clay oven
    Machli Salom £10.95
    Bangladeshi fresh-water fish cooked with chf's special massala sauce