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    Lamb or vegetable samsoa£2.45
    Onion Bhaji£2.45
    Allo Or Chana Chaat£2.45
    Garlic Mushroom£2.75
    Lamb or Chicken Tikka£2.95
    Sheek Kebab / Shami Kebab£2.95
    Chicken Pakora£3.25
    Chicken Chaat£3.45
    Fish Kebab£3.95
    Prawn Puri£3.75
    Mushroom Bahar£3.75
    Stuffed with minced checken then coated with breadcrumbs
    Aniseed Spicy Chicken£3.95
    King Prawn Butterfly£3.95
    Reshmi Roll£4.95
    Spiced strips of lamb wrapped in chapati
    Kashmiri salmon£4.95
    Marinated in cumin, mustard and yoghurt, finished with melted cheese
    Mixed Platter£4.95
    Tandoori-grill chicken, shish kebab, panneer tikka, samosa and onion bhaji
    Tandoori Wings£4.95
    Checken marinated in a special tandoori sauce then grilled in a clay oven